Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer is winding down...

Well, this is my last free week. I start teaching Jumpstart next week. The good thing though is that it is only half a I'll still have my afternoons. I will have 8 or 9 not too many. I spent last week getting my classroom all ready. It's pretty much finished...just a few finishing touches but can't do it until things are laminated.

We went to Dallas this weekend to spend some time with Wes' parents. It was a nice relaxing weekend. My mom and grandma are coming at the end of the week to stay for a few days. I'm glad that they are coming.

That's about all that's been going on for now.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back in Texas!!!

WOW....well, we are back in Texas. It's amazing how quick the 2 weeks went by while in GA. Now it's back to reality. Here are a few pics of the last few days in GA.

Playing "Hillbilly" Golf at the Family Reunion

Still playing "Hillbilly" Golf at the Family Reunion

The little shindig band playing at the Family Reunion

My sister, grandma, and Wes jumping in the bounce house that was at the Family Reunion

My sister, cousin and me at a wedding

Me and my grandma (she turned 83 while I was home)

We had a cookout

Wes in the cotton field behind the house (turning the city boy country!!! :) )

Just the 2 of us!!!

Me and Jill playing the Wii (she's REALLY beating me!!!)

Jill's cat, Sadie, curled up in my legs...she loves that blanket!!
Now, it's time for me to start getting my classroom ready for Jumpstart! I can't motivate myself to go to the school yet...maybe by the end of the week...we'll see!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Relaxing Week

Not a whole lot has been going on this week...just been relaxing with the family. Everyone has been working during the day so Wes and I have been laying around. Or should I say Wes has been trying to dominate on the Wii! :) My grandma's birthday is today...she is 83. I love my grandma so much and will be going to see her in a little bit! We are preparing for a family reunion that is tomorrow. Wes has never been to one of these so he's in for a treat! :) Then we have a wedding tomorrow night. Then we just have Sunday and we leave EARLY Monday morning. I've had a great time home....I'm not really ready to leave yet...but we've been here almost 2 weeks. Boy...time flies! I guess the reason I'm not ready to get back is because I know I will have to start preparing for school since I'm teaching Jumpstart. It'll be good to get back into the swing of things though. I hope everyone has had a great week, as I have!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July at the Beach

The first week in GA has FLOWN by! We got here on Tuesday July 1st and left on Wed. for the beach for a few days. We had a great time at the beach and I wasn't ready to leave...but oh well! Here are a few pics from our trip!!!

On the way to St. Marys

Ahhh...where we nice there!

Me and Jill

Just the 3 of us!

Reliving the moment of 2 years ago!

Ahhh....SO PRETTY!!!

More to come later!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What A Trip!!!!

Wow...we had a pretty eventful trip this time to Georgia! We left College Station about 6:00 p.m. and got to GA about 8:30 a.m. It was a LONG night but full of excitement! It all started when we got stuck on the 20 mile bridge in LA. Traffic came to a complete stop. We finally just turned the car off....along with all the semi's around us. Wes got out to see if he could see what was going on...couldn't see a thing. We were out in the pitch dark...nothing around but swamp land. We had NO idea how long we were going to be sitting there so we decided we would make it useful and take a nap. About the time we were good and comfy...traffic started moving very slowly. We had no idea how much further we had on the bridge and finally we saw blue lights. There had been a 4 car wreck on the bridge about a mile from the end of it. So about 45 min. later we were off the bridge. We were going good then! I told Wes I'm going to take a little nap...he said okay! About 25 min. later I was rudely awaken to Wes saying "I'm being pulled over"! I said "WHAT...were you speeding?" "No Leanna...I wasn't speeding!" Anyways...Wes got out and the little shrimp cop in LA basically told Wes that it is state law that the far inside lane on a 3 lane highway is strictly for passing and emergency vehicles...have a good night! WHAT!!!!!!! We couldn't believe he pulled us over for that! Anyways...Wes was TICKED!!! So, we kept going and so I said I was going to go back to sleep...okay Wes said! About 45 min. later I was rudely awaken AGAIN to Wes saying "I'm being pulled over again!!!" I said "WHAT....I can't believe it...were you speeding?" "NO LEANNA....I was NOT speeding!" So, we were waiting and next thing I knew the freaking cop knocked on my window and liked to have scard the living daylights out of me...I rolled down the window and the cop looked like he was hiding a laugh (probably because I jumped and screamed when he knocked on the window). Anyways he says..."Uh, you been drinking sir?" Wes said..."NO". He said "Well I saw that you slowed down significantly when you saw me." Wes said, "Well, the speed limit dropped to 60 from 70 so I slowed down" and the cop said, "Yeah, and it went back to 70 right after that but I'm just checking to make sure you're not drinking or about to fall asleep or anything...have a good night". We couldn't believe it! So, basically Wes got pulled over for not going back up to 70 when the speed limit changed. I told Wes...I'm not going back to sleep because I don't like to be woken up by you being pulled over!!!

So, we keep going...we're making pretty good time anyways....until we get about an hour from Tallahassee. Wes said he wasn't feeling to well and could I drive. Sure I I take back over from there. We stopped at a rest area and then we hit the road. Wes said, "If I say pull over...PULL OVER! I said..."OKAY!". So we didn't have to pull over but he wanted me to stop in Tallahassee. Well, he got SICK at the gas station. We still had another hour to go. We get back on the road and he told me to stop and the next gas station. So, I did and he got SICK again!!!! Oh my was all I thought...will we EVER get there! FINALLY...we get to my sister's house and Wes goes straight to bed as I told him to do. I unload the car and go to grandma's house next door where she made me grits, eggs, and toast!!! IT WAS SOOO GOOD!!!! Wes didn't want ANYTHING and he made it well known to me that he didn't! After eating I went to sleep for about 4 hours....and I know I'll sleep GOOD tonight!

Out of all of our trips we've made during the night...we have NEVER had anything like this!!! I'm glad we made it safe and sound!

Off to the beach tomorrow for 4 days....YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!