Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

I hope everyone has had a great day! Boy was it an exciting day at school. Not only was it Halloween...but it was also CRAZY HAIR DAY!!! I didn't do anything crazy with my hair because I didn't want it all crazy when we go out with friends tonight. BUT...the kids had some pretty crazy hairdos!

The picture above is the set-up that my wonderful parents did for our class party!!! The kids LOVED it! They got to paint their own pumpkin and make their own mix of goodies. The kids played "Hot Potato" with a pumpkin and then they worked with groups to wrap one of their group members like a mummy. It was fun for all!

Tonight Wes and I are going to play Laser Tag and Putt Putt with two other couples from our Sunday School class. We are excited!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Field Trip

We went on a field trip today to Texas A&M for a tour. The field trip could have been much better. It's all according to who you get for a tour would think that tour guides should know there stuff...well...I could have done better than our tour guide and I didn't even go to Texas A&M. Anyways...a wonderful parent of mine made screens to come up on the "Jumbo-Tron" and the ribbons in Kyle Field for our school. The kids loved it!

The "Jumbo-Tron"
The ribbons going across the stadium.
A close up of the ribbons!!

October 18, 2005

I know I'm posting this early...but we're going to Dallas this weekend and I'm not sure I'll have the time to post it.

October 18th is a very special day in that it was one of the best days of my life. After a long, hard day of working with 16 5 year olds I went home to work on graduate work. I was deep into a writing a paper when my phone rang and this is what I heard

Wes - "Hey Leanna, I was wondering if you would come out to the waterfront tonight. It's so nice out here!"
Me - "Wes, I'm writing a paper and the mosquitoes are TERRIBLE...we didn't even have recess today because they were so bad. I know they are bad out there."
Wes - "No, they aren't bad...come on out."
Me - "Well, why didn't you come and get me?"
Wes - "I don't know...just come on."
Me - "Okay...well, where are you."
Wes - "I'm on the pier behind Lang's."
Me - "Okay...I'm on my way."

Now, I had only been gone a few minutes when my phone rings again.

Wes - "Where are you?"
Me - "I'm on my way...I'm at the intersection of HWY 40 and St. Mary's Rd"
Wes - "Okay...see you soon."

I get there and I get out of my car and the mosquitoes are SWARMING!!! I thought to myself...what was he thinking!!! I walk to the pier and I see Wes all dressed up (and here I am not looking the best) and he has his guitar. As soon as I saw him I instantly knew what was about to happen. He started playing the song from the "Wedding Singer" called "Grow Old With You" was SOOOOOO sweet! Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I had never been so happy in my life. We left shortly there after because we were being eaten alive. We immediately went to a teacher's house that I work with and interrupted dinner and then went home. Wes cooked spaghetti while I ran next door to another teacher that I worked with that lived behind me in my apt. complex. We started planning for our wedding immediately because we new Wes was leaving in Jan. - Apr. to go out to sea and we wanted to have the majority planned. Mind you...I was still teaching and still in my masters. I look back and I have NO idea how I did it all...but I survived. I couldn't do all that now!!!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Past Few Weeks...

I can't believe the 1st 6 weeks of school is over. The year is already flying by. I still feel like I'm spinning my wheels trying to get everything accomplished...but that's the life of a teacher.

My mom came a few weeks ago for a few days. It was nice to have her here. We took her to an Aggie game. She loved it. There are a few pictures below.

I am LOVING the fall weather. I'm still running (not as much as I did before school started though). I ran this evening and it felt wonderful outside. There was a nice breeze. As I was running I noticed so many people out and about enjoying the nice weather as well. Kids were all out at the soccer fields practicing...people out walking their dogs. It's so nice to see people out enjoying the weather.

Me and mama on the campus of Texas A&M

The parachuters landing at the was amazing!!!!

Some fans and the band going out!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the fall weather!!!!!