Friday, October 9, 2009

Whew...It's Been A While!

Enjoy the update and a few pics!
Wes and I at the GINORMOUS Aggie Ring Replica
Me and my favorite sis

My awesome new car!

Just a classroom shot from beginning of year

WOW...sorry I haven't updated in a while. But some friends reminded me tonight that I have been going to West Texas for a while now...since June I guess! Well, really...I've just not had a whole lot going on to blog about...or have I??? Let's see what's went on since June:
  • Went to GA for about a week
  • Decided to sign up for my very first 1/2 marathon
  • Taught Jumpstart (summer school program)
  • Lots of reading and laying out
  • Bought a new car (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!)
  • School started...what a CRAZY start...started off the year with 23 kiddos...had to hire a new teacher....things started settling down (if you can say settling down...a teacher is never settled) oh...and I'm grade level leader...can be a little overwhelming at times.
  • Started tutoring twice a week
  • Wes got his Aggie ring...WHOOP!
  • Aggie football games
  • Church activities
  • First ever flu shot
  • Baking /Cooking
  • Training for my 1/2 week 7 of training
  • Starting to make Christmas gifts...LOVE IT! that's a few things that I can think of off the top of my head! So, nothing to exciting...but definitely staying super busy.