Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Toy

Wes and I finally got with the program and got a new tv. We weren't really wanting to spend all the money that would have to go into getting one but we bit the bullet and did it anyway. Now with our old entertainment center it would only hold a 27" so that meant getting rid of it and getting something else. After looking around for the "perfect" piece we ended up getting a t.v. stand at Wal-Mart. Now you think Wal-Mart...well, this piece of furniture is incredbile!!!! Check out this link: and you will see what we got. The drawers do not have to be in there so that's where we put our DVD player, receiver, etc. Then we bought our towers from a friend that is moving and doesn't have room for them and that match the stand PERFECT!!!! We are so happy with our new purchase and have enjoyed watching it! We went from a 27" to a 42" which is a big increase for our small place. We are having a great new year so far and we hope everyone else is also!!